Who am I? I don't know specifically. I can give you a few pointers though, if you are interested.

I am a Christian, of evangelical tendencies. I don't drive a car often, and I don't own one. I flat with engineers who know more about most things than I do. I do love coffee. I don't love power bills.

Those are a few of my 'things'. I also read books on occasion, like every day. I wish I could do more reading, but reading is not easy.

I actually enjoy the bible. No, I don't think it's boring and irrelevant. Bite me.

I do read Attic Greek. I will be reading classical Latin. I like German more than Justin Beiber. But I can probably speak less than him.

This is my blog. Read it. Respect it. Disagree vehemently, agree heartily, be emotive, be intelligent, read your comments out loud to yourself first. wash, rinse and repeat. The lower case is for effect. Yeah, I break grammar rules when I want.